Epy Quizon
“Onassis Hernandez”

Epy Quizon is an award-winning actor, producer and director from the Philippines, known as much for his work on popular television series as for his character roles in film. He has appeared in over 100 stage, film, and television productions, including the features Pinoy Sunday (2009), Two Funerals (2010), Father Jejemon (2010), Mga Kidnaper Ni Ronnie Lazaro (2012) and The Thief, The Kid And The Killer (2014). Quizon was named Best Actor at the 2001 Brussels International Film Festival for his role in Gil Portes’ Markova (2000). UNLUCKY PLAZA marks his first collaboration with director Ken Kwek.

Adrian Pang
“Sky / Terence Chia”

Adrian Pang spent eight years working as a professional actor in the UK before returning to his native Singapore in 2000. His theatre credits include Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, The Glass Menagerie, Boeing Boeing, The Pillowman and Into The Woods. Together with his wife Tracie, Pang is the artistic director of Pangdemonium!, whose productions include The Full Monty, Closer, Swimming With Sharks, Rabbit Hole and Frozen. His film credits include Spy Game (2001), Forever Fever (1998), The Blue Mansion (2009), Dance Dance Dragon (2012) and Bait (2012). UNLUCKY PLAZA is Pang’s second collaboration with director Ken Kwek after Sex.Violence.FamilyValues (2012).

Judee Tan
“Michelle Chan”

Judee Tan is a stage and TV actress, best known for playing North Korean newscaster Kim Bong Cha in the parody news television show, “The Noose”. Her stage credits include December Rains, Shanghai Blues (Toy Factory) and Beauty World (Wild Rice). She has also appeared in several comedy shows, including Happy Ever Laughter (Dream Academy) and Chestnuts (Stages). UNLUCKY PLAZA marks Tan’s first performance in a film.

Shane Mardjuki
“Pastor Tong Wen”

Shane Mardjuki’s career in the performing arts began in 2002, when he was hired as a truck driver for the children’s theatre company Act3 Theatrics. He was soon cast in productions such as The Snow Queen, O Rats The Pied Piper and The Gingerbread Man. He has also appeared in dramas and musicals such as The Pillowman (Singapore Repertory Theatre), Lord Of The Flies (Escape Theatre), What The Butler Saw and Victor/Victoria (Loretta Chen) and Little Voice (Pangdemonium!).

Guo Liang
“Baby Bear”

A graduate of the renowned Shanghai Theatre Academy, Guo Liang moved from China to Singapore in 1994 and soon established himself as a popular variety host on Mandarin television. An industry veteran with 20 years of experience, he has acted in numerous TV series including “Romance Of The Book And Sword” and “Breakout”, and was named Best Supporting Actor at the 2014 Star Awards for his role in the Mandarin TV series “The Dream Makers”. His film credits include It’s A Great Great World (2011) and Filial Party (2014). His role as ‘Baby Bear’, the enigmatic debt collector in UNLUCKY PLAZA, marks his debut in an English-language film.

Janice Koh

Janice Koh is a stage and television actress whose theatre credits include Rabbit Hole, Swimming With Sharks (Pangdemonium!), Cooling Off Day (Wild Rice), The Fear Of Writing, Diaspora (Theatreworks) and The Crab Flower Club (Toy Factory). She was named Best Actress at the LIFE! Theatre Awards in 2003 for her role in David Auburn’s Proof. Koh is also a former Nominated Member of Parliament and a passionate advocate for Singapore’s arts scene.

Pam Oei
“Mrs Heng”

Pam Oei has been in over 80 theatre, television and film productions and is best known for being part of the popular cabaret act “Dim Sum Dollies”. Her theatre credits include Animal Farm, Boeing Boeing, (Wild Rice) and Rent (Singapore Repertory Theatre). Her film credits include Peggy Su! (1997), Forever Fever (1998), The Blue Mansion (2009) and Sex.Violence.FamilyValues (2012). Oei is also the lead singer of the rock band Ugly In The Morning, whose single “Riot City” was written for the film UNLUCKY PLAZA.