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  • “A nail-biting, multi-character thriller from one of Asia’s most exciting young filmmakers.”
    Toronto International Film Festival
  • “I haven’t LOL-ed in a movie house as much as I LOL-ed watching Unlucky Plaza.”
    The Philippine Star
  • “Startlingly hilarious”
  • “What makes Epy [Quizon]’s award-winning performance even more vital is his decision to do away with excessive schmaltz and show-stopping histrionics. The actor turns in an affecting portrayal delivered with the chilling plausibility of an Everyman on the wrong end of a devastating situation.”
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • “With dynamic shifts in rhythm, and performances fairly dripping with desperation, this suspenseful debut feature from Singapore writer-director Ken Kwek grabs your attention from its teaser of an opening and doesn’t let go until its strange, satisfying finish.”
    Toronto International Film Festival
  • “There’s no condescension in his story, just convincing characters, genuine scenarios and a fun amount of chaos…you can chalk up Unlucky Plaza as an indisputable win.”
    Esquire Singapore
  • “[takes on] myriad linguistic, moral and cultural transgressions previously unseen in Singaporean cinema.”
    Hollywood Reporter
  • “A black comedy that has a plot similar to Dog Day Afternoon… I give it my highest possible rating.”
    Louis Proyect
  • “A great movie should colonise your mind. You may love it or hate it. It may get your goat, grind your gears, piss you off. But you should never leave the theatre feeling indifferent. A great movie should stay with you for a long time. By that definition, Ken Kwek’s Unlucky Plaza is a great movie.”
    M Magazine
  • “Ken Kwek keeps world-within-a-world film authentic with flawed, rounded characters, slick editing and surprising plot twists.”
    The Straits Times
  • “Part action flick, part social satire, more nuanced than the local comedies we’re used to, [UNLUCKY PLAZA] is a flick that looks set to start a new genre of Singapore film.”
    FEMALE Magazine
  • “We’ve never seen a Singapore film quite like this before. It’s accessible, but has something to say; it’s entertaining, but has depth as well. This film really packs a punch.”
    Singapore International Film Festival
  • “Watching this film is not a safe experience: It will make you question while making you laugh; it will titillate; it will discomfit; it will quite possibly outrage. Isn’t that a better proposition than spending 10 bucks on another blockbuster sequel? You deserve better. Watch this movie.”
    M Magazine
  • “It’s so rare to see local genre films that work, and Unlucky Plaza is one of those rare success stories.”
    F Movie Mag
When a chance to save his ailing diner goes belly up, Onassis Hernandez, an émigré and single-father living in affluent Singapore, is pushed over the edge. He takes a motley group of citizens hostage in a designer bungalow and publicizes his act on Youtube. As the police and international media descend on the crime scene and riots break out in in the city, an increasingly desperate Onassis forces the situation to a violent, heart-stopping conclusion. “A nail-biting comedy thriller from one of Asia’s most exciting new directors” (Toronto International Film Festival), UNLUCKY PLAZA stars Adrian Pang, Judee Tan, Guo Liang, Shane Mardjuki and Filipino star Epy Quizon in a show-stopping performance as the beleaguered Onassis.
一个只想老老实实当个新加坡人的菲律宾新移民,一个月入百万的超级地产明星,一个红杏出墙的寂寞女教师,一个深陷不伦爱欲无法自拔的牧师,再加上一名穷凶极恶的中国籍大耳窿,在一栋豪宅里上演了一齣人质危机。人质事件迅速在网络扩散,在号称全球最安全城市的新加坡投下一颗震撼弹。出自郭智轩导演,备受争议的 Unlucky Plaza 《霉运大厦》,由 Epy Quizon ,彭耀顺和郭亮出演,是一部绝对让观众眼前一亮的新一代新加坡电影。